Currency of Reflection: The Cost of Beauty

In this piece, I am capturing the awe-inspiring image of Chicago's majestic skyscrapers through a unique and thought-provoking medium. The canvas comes alive with an intricate arrangement of tiny pieces of shredded money, symbolizing the profound significance of money and its role in our lives.
As viewers engage with the artwork, they are invited to delve deep into introspection and contemplation. The meticulously glued fragments of money represent the sacrifices and costs associated with the pursuit of beauty. Through this artwork, I want to prompt us to reflect on the intricate relationship between money, beauty, and the sacrifices we make along the way.
Through the juxtaposition of shredded money and the towering presence of Chicago's skyscrapers, "Currency of Reflection" prompts us to contemplate the broader implications of our relationship with money. It challenges us to examine the trade-offs we make and the compromises we endure in the pursuit of beauty, urging us to consider the true cost of our desires.
"Currency of Reflection" serves as a reminder that beauty is not always easily attained and that it often requires sacrifices along the way. It challenges viewers to reevaluate their perspectives on money, its role in their lives, and the price they are willing to pay for beauty. This artwork prompts us to reflect on our values, priorities, and the delicate balance between personal ambition and the true cost of the pursuit of beauty.

14”x14”x2” acrylics, gold pen, resin, and shredded currency on canvas, 2024

$ 3,000

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