As a mixed media artist, my work navigates the complex interplay between value, destruction, and creation. In recent explorations, I have turned to an unconventional medium: shredded currency. By repurposing money, I aim to provoke a dialogue on the intrinsic and extrinsic values we assign to objects, particularly in the context of art and economics.
Shredded money, once a symbol of power, security, and status, becomes a fragmented relic of its former self. I transform these fragments into intricate tapestries through the meticulous reassembly process, challenging viewers to reconsider their perceptions of worth and beauty. The deconstruction of currency is a deliberate act of rebellion against its traditional role, questioning the societal constructs that govern our lives.
Each piece I create is a meditation on the cyclical nature of value. The transformation from whole to fragmented and back to a cohesive form mirrors the endless cycles of financial systems and personal growth. By embedding these remnants within my canvases, I aim to immortalize the ephemeral nature of wealth and provoke reflections on the true essence of value in our lives.
In a world where the worth of art is often measured in monetary terms, my work serves as a reminder that true value lies in the ideas, emotions, and connections it inspires. The juxtaposition of shredded money against the backdrop of my canvases invites viewers to delve deeper into their understanding of value, urging them to see beyond the surface and discover the hidden stories within each piece.
Through this artistic journey, I aspire to create visually compelling works and foster a deeper appreciation for the complexities of value, encouraging a shift towards a more reflective and nuanced perspective on what we hold dear.
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