"Dark Tides of Greed" is a thought-provoking mixed-media artwork that illustrates the devastating impact of money and greed on our ecosystem. The piece depicts the death of coral reefs, each coral crafted from tiny pieces of shredded money, symbolizing the corrosive effect of financial greed on nature. The dark, lifeless water, created with resin on canvas, envelops the corals in a somber and desolate scene. In the darkness, portions of the water glow ominously, simulating poison and death, highlighting the toxic consequences of human avarice. This artwork compels viewers to confront the environmental destruction driven by greed and to reflect on the urgent need for change to protect our planet's fragile ecosystems.
Acrylics, shredded money, glow-in-the-dark acrylic, and resin on a 14"x 14"x 2" stretched canvas, 2024.

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