Divine Capital, shredded dollars and gold spray on canvas panel, 9"x9", 2024.
Divine Capital, shredded dollars and gold spray on canvas panel, 9"x9", 2024.
Step into the realm of 'Divine Capital,' an arresting mixed-media masterpiece that transcends traditional boundaries of art and finance. At first glance, the Eye of Providence stares back at you, its iconic symbol rendered in meticulous detail from tiny shreds of currency meticulously arranged upon a shimmering gold canvas.
In this captivating creation, the artist invites viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between wealth, power, and the enigmatic forces that govern our world. The Eye, often associated with divine guidance and omniscience, takes on new meaning as it peers through a kaleidoscope of shredded dollars, questioning the notion of material wealth as a pathway to enlightenment.
The symbolism embedded within 'Divine Capital' runs deep, challenging us to reflect on the duality of prosperity and its potential for both illumination and obscurity. The juxtaposition of the opulent gold backdrop with the humble remnants of currency prompts contemplation on the nature of value itself—what do we prioritize, and at what cost?
As viewers engage with this thought-provoking artwork, they are prompted to ponder the balance between earthly desires and spiritual fulfillment, prompting introspection on the true currency of our existence. 'Divine Capital' serves as a poignant reminder that amidst the pursuit of fortune, it is essential to retain sight of the higher truths that transcend material riches.
Shredded dollars and gold spray on a 9"x 9" canvas panel, 2024.
$ 1,200

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