“Facade of Fortune” is a provocative 14 by 14-inch mixed media artwork that vividly portrays the towering skyscrapers of Wall Street alongside the iconic facade of the New York Stock Exchange. Crafted with meticulous precision using countless tiny pieces of shredded money, this piece delves into the intricate relationships between money, greed, and human nature.
At the heart of “Facade “of Fortune lies the New York Stock Exchange building, a symbol of global financial power and influence. Surrounding it, the imposing skyscrapers of Wall Street loom, constructed from fragments of deconstructed currency. This choice of medium is profoundly symbolic: money, the very fabric of our economic existence, is literally torn apart and reassembled to depict the epicenter of fiscal ambition.
The artwork's texture and composition invite viewers to reflect on the inherent paradoxes of wealth. Each piece of shredded money, once part of an instrument of value, is now part of a larger narrative about the fleeting and often destructive nature of greed. By reconstructing these fragments into the towering edifices of Wall Street, “Facade “of Fortune comments on how financial systems are built upon the collective pursuits of individuals, often driven by insatiable desires for wealth and power.
Acrylics, shredded currency, gold foil and resin on stretched canvas, 14"x14"x2", 2024

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