At the heart of this artwork lies a whirlpool, a symbol of the enticing and all-consuming nature of our desires. The whirlpool, with its swirling motion, represents the intense pursuit of wealth and the dreams that often accompany it. As we chase after money, we find ourselves drawn closer and closer to the center of this vortex, unable to resist its gravitational pull.
Within the center of the whirlpool, we encounter a black hole, an enigmatic void that represents the unknown. It serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that lie ahead when greed takes control. Like a gravitational force, our insatiable hunger for wealth drags us deeper into this abyss, blinding us to the potential consequences of our actions.
Through this artwork, I aim to shed light on the destructive power of unchecked greed. The tiny pieces of shredded money, meticulously arranged and glued, symbolize the fragments of our materialistic desires. They serve as a tangible representation of the lengths we go to fulfill our insatiable cravings.
This artwork serves as a cautionary tale, urging viewers to reflect on their own relationship with wealth and the pursuit of material possessions. It invites us to contemplate the risks we take when we prioritize greed over compassion and empathy. The whirlpool and black hole serve as potent metaphors for the inevitable consequences of being consumed by our own desires.

Acrylics, gold foil, shredded currency and resin on a 20"x20"x2" canvas, 2024.

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