In this captivating mixed media artwork, a profound statement about human greediness and its impact on our lives is depicted. I am weaving together an intricate design using tiny fragments of shredded money, meticulously glued onto a canvas. Each piece of currency, once a symbol of power and wealth, now serves as a reminder of the destructive forces of greed.

Delicate patterns and motifs emerge from the arrangement of the shredded money, forming a mesmerizing composition that draws the viewer in. My choice to employ mixed media techniques adds depth and texture to the artwork, inviting a tactile exploration of the piece.

However, amidst the meticulously crafted design, a deliberate disruption catches the eye. A section of the artwork appears to have been intentionally disturbed, as if a grass rake had been used to disrupt the equilibrium of the composition. This intentional disruption serves as a powerful metaphor for the destructive consequences of unrestrained greed. It symbolizes how the relentless pursuit of wealth can disrupt the delicate balance of a fulfilling and harmonious lifestyle.

Through this captivating mixed media artwork, I encourage the viewers to reflect upon our own relationship with greed and the potential consequences it may bring. It serves as a poignant reminder to seek a more balanced and equitable approach to life, where the pursuit of material wealth does not overshadow the pursuit of true happiness and fulfillment.
"Greed", shredded money and acrylics on a 20"x20"x2" stretched canvas, 2024

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