"Pick One" is intended to be a tribute to the victims of psychological abuse, of those who suffer in silence and who, unfortunately, have become somewhat accustomed to living a life in which one's feelings and self no longer matter. The fact that someone from my close family went through a bad experience of this kind, which, of course, left the sequelae, made me open my mind better and understand more details about the lives of these people whose self-concept and independence are systematically taken away.
The painting is made of countless layers of printed sheets, the final image is built from their overlap. It is the first painting in which I tried this technique and the roughness of the final product seems to be extremely consistent with the idea of ​​a personality torn down and rebuilt in pieces, as is the personality of those who end up being mentally and physically abused.

Under the painting, I have symbolically installed a series of labels that seem to be waiting to be chosen. As a sad finding, the only options the victim expects to offer are some cruel ones. Let's not forget that long-term emotional abuse has long-term debilitating effects on a person's sense of self and integrity.
20"x24"x2", digital image manipulation, digital painting, printed sheets, printed canvas, silicone, acrylic painting and acrylic mediums on canvas, July 2021
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