"The Grass is Always Greener on This Side" is a thought-provoking mixed media artwork that creatively juxtaposes the concept of wealth and contentment with the symbolic representation of grass made from shredded money.
The artwork's central focus is a landscape of meticulously crafted shredded money grass, carefully arranged to mimic the appearance of a lush, green meadow. The artist skillfully blends shredded bills of various currencies, weaving together shades of green and subtle hints of other colors found on banknotes to achieve a captivating visual effect.
"The Grass is Always Greener on This Side" encourages viewers to contemplate the complexities of human nature, our pursuit of material wealth, and the eternal quest for contentment in a world where perceptions of success and happiness can be skewed by the illusion of greener pastures.

Shredded money on canvas board, 24K Gold spray on cardboard, 12"x 12" unframed and 17"x 17" framed, July 2023
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