You build your life as you would a puzzle, piece by piece.
"This piece belongs here, this piece doesn't belong. I believe there is still few pieces missing. It seemed like this piece would fit perfectly here, but it was deceiving. I need to look for another piece to fill this spot."
You look for the right fitting friends, lovers, spouses, jobs, homes...
This is the way our everyday life works. Sometimes you need to step back and look at your life as a one big, beautiful puzzle. You will see some of your pieces (people, habits, places, possessions) just don't belong there and/or they will never fit. Maybe for a short period of time those piece do fit, at least that's what you're thinking, until life takes them away and shows you something better. You are always too busy to stop...
No matter how perfect this whole puzzle called Your Life seems to be, there's always one tiny piece that's missing and, without it, the whole image is incomplete- I invite you to approach this piece and look into the empty space to find out what's missing. 
Finished on March of 2019, 36"x 36"x 2", puzzle, mirror and canvas.
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