Born in Romania in May 1971, Doina-Mihaela is a self-taught artist with a lifelong passion for painting and drawing. During Doina's early years in Romania, she worked in the cartoon industry, where she developed her artistic skills and creative vision. This period was followed by mastering the Galle technique, a highly intricate method of painting on glass, as a painter and decorator. This experience instilled in Doina meticulous attention to detail and a deep appreciation for complex artistic processes.
In 2004, Doina-Mihaela emigrated to the United States with her close family, bringing her rich cultural heritage and artistic expertise to a new environment. Settling in Illinois, Doina has participated in numerous group exhibits across the state.
Currently residing a few miles from Chicago, Doina continues exploring new artistic horizons. Her recent work involves an experimental technique using tiny pieces of shredded currency, meticulously arranged and glued to canvases. Through this medium, Doina seeks to shed light on the destructive power of unchecked greed. The fragments of shredded money symbolize the remnants of our materialistic desires, serving as a tangible representation of the lengths we go to fulfill our insatiable cravings.
Each piece crafted by Doina is a testament to her dedication and thought-provoking commentary on modern society. By transforming discarded currency into art, Doina-Mihaela challenges viewers to reflect on the true value of wealth and the impact of our collective obsession with material gain. Through her evolving body of work, she continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, inviting audiences to engage with profound narratives and emotions.
Doina & Kara, 2023
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